Can I Take An Umbrella To Optus Stadium

Can I Take an Umbrella to Optus Stadium?

Optus Stadium, located in Perth, Western Australia, is one of the country’s premier sporting and entertainment venues. It has a seating capacity of over 60,000 and hosts a wide range of events, including Australian rules football, cricket, concerts, and festivals. However, when it comes to bringing an umbrella to the stadium, there are certain rules and considerations that need to be taken into account.

According to Optus Stadium’s policy, spectators are not allowed to bring umbrellas into the venue. This is primarily done to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees. Umbrellas can obstruct the view of other spectators and can also pose a hazard in crowded areas. In case of rain, the stadium provides covered seating areas where attendees can take shelter. Additionally, there are various merchandise stores within the stadium where rain ponchos and other wet weather gear can be purchased.

In terms of data, Optus Stadium has made this decision based on extensive research and analysis of past incidents and customer feedback. The aim is to enhance the overall fan experience and ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for everyone attending events at the venue. The ban on umbrellas aligns with similar policies implemented in other stadiums around the world.

Experts in crowd management and event safety also support the decision to prohibit umbrellas. They emphasize the importance of clear sightlines and unobstructed pathways for efficient evacuation in case of emergencies. Umbrellas, particularly large ones, can impede movement and create potential bottlenecks during such situations. By maintaining a no-umbrella policy, Optus Stadium aims to minimize any risks and provide a secure environment for spectators.

From a personal perspective, while it may be disappointing not to be able to bring an umbrella to Optus Stadium, it is understandable why this policy is in place. Being aware of the potential safety hazards and inconveniences that umbrellas can cause, it is a responsible decision by the stadium management to prioritize the well-being and comfort of all attendees.

Alternative Options

Although umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium, there are alternative options for spectators to consider when attending events at Optus Stadium. One option is to check the weather forecast beforehand and come prepared with appropriate rain gear, such as raincoats or waterproof jackets. Another option is to bring a small, collapsible umbrella that can easily fit into a bag or backpack. These compact umbrellas are less likely to obstruct views and can be convenient in case of unexpected rain.

Another alternative is to consider using public transportation to get to the stadium. Perth’s public transport system, including trains and buses, provides direct access to Optus Stadium. By utilizing public transportation, spectators can avoid the need to carry umbrellas and can rely on covered walkways and entrances when approaching the venue.

It is also worth mentioning that Optus Stadium has implemented various measures to ensure the comfort of attendees during inclement weather. This includes utilizing the stadium’s retractable roof and deploying additional staff to assist attendees in finding sheltered areas. These efforts demonstrate the commitment of the stadium management to provide a positive experience for spectators under all circumstances.


While Optus Stadium does not allow spectators to bring umbrellas inside the venue, there are viable alternatives available to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. By providing covered seating areas, offering wet weather gear for purchase, and implementing crowd management measures, the stadium strives to accommodate attendees in various weather conditions. Understanding the rationale behind the no-umbrella policy and considering alternative options allows spectators to make informed choices when planning their visit to Optus Stadium.

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